Ledger Man

A superhero conquers Europe.

Ledger Man

Superhero “Ledger Man” is the mascot of Blockchain Europe and makes Blockchain technology more tangible, known and popular. Ledger Man experiences his adventures in VIDEO or as COMIC – have fun!

Ledger Man »Season 1«

The Plot

The supposedly ordinary scientist Benjamin Diehard works at a renowned research institute. Here he comes into contact with blockchain. His sheer enthusiasm for the technology is ignited and ensures his transformation into “Ledger Man”. As a superhero, he wants to make the world a better place with Blockchain.

It helps people and organizations by integrating blockchain and blockchain-enabled IoT devices into supply chains. This makes processes transparent, traceable, tamper-proof, automated and autonomous.

Ledger Man is backed by the Blockchain Europe agency with the Master of Blockchain as its head. Through the Blockchain Europe hero app, Ledger Man receives calls for help from all over Europe. For complicated endeavors that require the use of a combination of technologies, Ledger Man enlists support from the hero community.

Ledger Man »Season 2«

Ledger Man Comic #2

Ledger Man Comic #1

You missed the first issue? No problem – just click here to flip through it!

The Magic Behind Ledger Man

The Plot

With our comic epic around Ledger Man, we explain blockchain technology and show concrete use cases. “The Magic Behind Ledger Man” links the comic world with real science and our researchers explain what exactly the magic behind each comic episode is.

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