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Towards the European Blockchain Institute

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In the »Blockchain Europe« project to establish the European Blockchain Institute in North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW), we will be driving blockchain technology forwards together with companies and other research institutions. This sees a unique European institute being created to advance digitization in science and practice. The research at the European Blockchain Institute will complement the work of Dortmund’s scientists and continue the already existing research infrastructure of the innovation ecosystem here.


Designing blockchain together

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Blockchain technology is really going to come into its own in the next few years and logistics is where it will be happening. In combination with digital platforms, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things a new, self-organizing ›Silicon Economy‹ is developing. That is exactly why the European Blockchain Institute is being set up at the heart of European logistics – in NRW.
It will decisively push forward the logistics industry in particular in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and Europe. We will become the network platform for the entire blockchain community. We are bringing science, business and politics together and make an essential contribution to the general understanding of blockchain technology and its potential. | learn more about our community


Step by step into the blockchain era

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Blockchain Europe is setting off on the way to the blockchain era and wants to make blockchain tangible – at all levels. So here is a compact overview of everything worth knowing, from the basics to carrying out joint implementations. Whether it is people who are interested in blockchain who want to learn more about the technology and its possibilities (starters), community partners who have already gathered some initial experience with blockchain and its added value (advanced) or experts who are deeply involved in the topic (experts) – we want to develop blockchain even further, together with you.
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Using blockchain in practice

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In the years to come, we will map out open source solutions involving blockchains in the form of software, hardware and business models. We will develop these for and with companies of all sizes. Particularly in logistics and supply chain management many different, economically independent partners have to work closely together even though they do not inevitably have complete trust in each other. The focus of our research is therefore on open and integrated solutions that can be used by all players on the market. This will make it possible to digitally connect entire logistics chains from end to end. In our research and demonstration center we will show the opportunities blockchain provides live and oriented to applications while offering specific examples for practical uses.

As a key technology, blockchain has the potential to deliver tamper-proof data exchange and to automate and autonomize a wide range of processes in the supply chain.

As a transparent and decentral registry for transactions, blockchains have a key role to play in the digitalization of the economy. Only with blockchains can numerous other technologies be used on a practical level.

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Open Customs Blockchain

Open Customs Blockchain

Digitalization has simplified customs clearance in many areas, especially in the declaration of imports and exports. However, various data discontinuities and queries continue to unnecessarily delay cross-border process flows. In the new...



Open Source Blockchain for customs processing BORDER (Blockchain-based organization of relevant data in extra trade with legal security) is a blockchain-based web application. The use of blockchain technology enables the digital handling...

Survey: Challenges in operating a blockchain

Survey: Challenges in operating a blockchain

What challenges do companies and researchers face when operating a blockchain? This is the question that is the focus of our current survey. At the end of the year, Blockchain Europe would like to publish the results and share initial...

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