What challenges do companies and researchers face when operating a blockchain? This is the question that is the focus of our current survey. At the end of the year, Blockchain Europe would like to publish the results and share initial solutions with the community free of charge. Via online questionnaire, companies and researchers of any experience level can participate in the survey in just 10 minutes. Once challenges are identified, processes can be optimized and solutions implemented.

By answering just 17 questions in a single-choice format, you help the blockchain community further shape the path to the blockchain era. Based on a scientific study, key challenges have already been identified and these now need to be validated by practice. The answers to the questions are anonymous and do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the person. Whether beginners, advanced users or experts – blockchain-interested people of all experience levels from companies and research are asked here.

The survey provides the basis for identifying the main challenges when it comes to using Blockchain technology. On this basis, suitable solutions can then be found and made available to the community free of charge.

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