Customs processing in export trade is a highly regulated area, shaped by national and EU regulations as well as by varying requirements of the respective third countries. It involves many international players who often do not have a common level of knowledge about the progress of customs processing and the logistics process. Overall, customs processing is (still) paper-based to a large extent and the current crises do not simplify customs processing. Container ports, among others, are particularly affected. The challenges customs officials or other responsible parties involved face are not clear to most people and companies. That’s why Blockchain Europe is dedicating the current episode of the hero epic LedgerMan to exactly these people.

Blockchain superhero LedgerMan comes to the aid of Willy the customs official. He optimizes the complex paper-based processes and avoids Mr. Smuggle forging papers. With the enormous volumes of goods being handled in container ports every day, digital support is simply needed. Mr. Smuggle doesn’t stand a chance and Willy is less stressed.

Comic isn’t a reality? Of course, blockchain technology cannot be introduced ad hoc at Europe’s largest container port, and processes are not magically digitized – but our comic book story is not that far removed from reality. The Customs & Blockchain Working Group meets four times a year on the road to end-to-end digital customs processing based on blockchain technology. Step by step, the vision is being implemented together. Last but not least, the open source offerings of Blockchain Europe also support this process.