From July 4-8, 2022, the seventh PhD School of Logistics of the Innovation Ecosystem will take place at the science location Dortmund. This year, the Summer School will be held under the title “How to: The New Supply Chain Management”. 20 PhD students from all over the world will have the opportunity to learn about the latest methods and technologies on the way to new, flexible, resilient and sustainable supply chains. Blockchain Europe is pleased to be a cooperation partner again this year. After all, without blockchain technology, it is difficult to implement a new supply chain management.

Following the big picture of our research location, the platform economy is the central enabler of flexible supply chain planning. Through platforms, the different actors within a supply chain come together and rely on blockchain-based certification, payment and transaction negotiation. Blockchain Europe Advisory Board member Prof. Dr. Fritz Henglein from the University of Copenhagen will reveal exactly how this can look in his presentations “Total Accounting for the Circular Economy” and “Smart Financial Instruments and Capital Market Platforms”.

In addition to insights into the platform economy, central analysis methods and the topic of sustainability in global networks, the live case study will again be offered. The already published open source components of Blockchain Europe and the Silicon Economy will play a central role. In cooperation with the Open Logistics Foundation, the participants of the Summer School will ask themselves what other open source components will be needed in the future to organize supply chains flexibly and sustainably via platforms.

Registration for the Summer School is now open. If you don’t want to miss a week full of concentrated logistics knowledge, the direct transfer of science into practice and the opportunity to build a comprehensive PhD network, you should register quickly. Due to Corona, only 20 places are available this year.

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