Transparent and reliable mediation of available capacities


Where own resources or machines are missing, capacity exchanges can help. Free capacities are offered on platforms, can be booked, and paid for. For these processes to run securely and automatically, Blockchain Europe integrates smart contracts and creates a tamper-proof environment for all actors.

With smart contracts to a shared economy

The use of smart contracts to automatically mediate available capacities creates trust between network participants through neutral, transparent, and tamper-proof record keeping. That way, a shared economy that promises a higher utilization of available infrastructures and a contribution to economic and ecological sustainability can be created.

Blockchain-based 3D printing and spare parts

The first use case of blockchain-based capacity exchange focused is the 3D printing of spare parts in B2B industry. Here, available 3D printing capacities can be shared between network participants and billed after usage. Basis of the exchange are smart contracts.

International blockchain network

To be able to test the development results in practice, an international blockchain network is being installed and operated collaboratively by research partners. Structuring this collaboration as well as identifying compatible business models are core tasks of the blockchain governance. The network, that is currently being installed, will have the lowest entry barriers possible in order to enable more members to participate.

The use of smart contracts enables reliable switching of free capacities to other network participants and increases the utilization of an existing infrastructure. This can lead to sustainable business models in the sense of a shared economy, from which all participants benefit.

Sebastian Brüning |  C3BO | Blockchain Europe

Properly designed and deployed, smart contracts ensure a demand-driven, rule-compliant and at the same time transparent transaction. They thus provide a valuable basis for generating and granting a leap of faith between the participants of a distributed capacity exchange, which contributes to the reduction of coordination expenses and thus transaction costs as a decision-relevant component for the allocation of capacities.

Nick Große | C3BO | Blockchain Europe

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