The UnConference is designed as an interactive conference format. “Getting Things Done” is the focus. The Blockchain community will be brought together and jointly develop Blockchain on different levels. Both companies and scientists participate. The conference offers pitches and two days of Focus Sessions. After the pitches, you decide which session you want to attend.

In 2021, the UnConference will be hosted digitally due to Corona/COVID-19. Participation is free of charge.

Entering the Blockchain Era

Be Part of the further Development of Blockchain

April 27-28, 2021



An unconference is a participant-driven meeting. A loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventionally structured programme of events. (Oxford Language)

Together, we are heading into the Blockchain Era. Not only exciting discussions are on the agenda. We want to shape the future with Blockchain, so “getting things done” is the focus.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our UnConference has a session for every level to participate in. The application areas range from concrete logistical questions to business models and the development of necessary basic components. The advantage: You decide what really interests you.

Since you decide, the whole format is very agile. If there is a lot of interest for a session, many questions and extensive discussions, a session can be offered over two days. If there is limited interest, the planned format can be changed and a new, shorter format can be offered to address the needs.

Our session masters pitch their idea of their session. After the pitches you decide which session you want to attend. Then, after the lunch break, you will discuss a common agenda in the session. Questions, problems and impulses can be brought in by the participants at any time.

Focus Sessions

For starters

I. Blockchain & Customs – Visions meet operations

Import/Export Officers, Customs Officers, Compliance Officers, Innovation Managers, Digitalization Officers, Sales or Purchasing Agents and Chief Officers let us discuss the Vision of paperless customs processing. Whether due to Brexit or in general – what challenges are you currently facing in customs processing? Bring your problem and we will find solutions together. How does the future of foreign trade and customs look like? Let’s shape and validate a shared vision. 

The focus session is offered in collaboration with AEB and Adient.

For advanced

II. Challenge my Business Model

Blockchain will disruptively change markets. Let’s discuss new, digital and blockchain-based business models and challenge what we have learned with a very concrete example.

The session is offered in cooperation with Tracifier.

For nerds

III. Blockchain: Basic Components

Together, we will identify and conceptualize new blockchain basic components. Basic components encapsulate fundamental functions of a blockchain and thus represent the foundation for the further development and widespread use of this technology. We answer the questions: which basic components do we need? What functionalities do the identified basic components provide? What is the concept of these basic components?

For starters

IV. Blockchain & Dangerous Goods

What could a digitalized dangerous goods process look like, and how could blockchain-enabled IoT devices, for example, optimize the previously paper-based and time-consuming processes? Here’s where you can get involved and help shape the development of blockchain in the dangerous goods sector.

For advanced

V. Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Blockchain technology will contribute to a fundamental change of entire supply chains. In this session, you will learn about concrete examples of how the technology is being used in logistics.

The session is offered by our cooperation partner Spark! Living LAB.

For starters

VI. Digital Lifecycle Record

In the course of the transformation of maintenance to smart maintenance, there will also be an increased need for instruments for the documentation and transfer of maintenance-relevant information from industrial plants: The Digital Lifecycle Record. A traceable, complete and tamper-proof storage of data can be enabled by blockchain. Let us dicuss this use case.

This focus session will be presented by our guest host Sealed Services.

For starters

VII. What you can‘t earn money with in logistics?

Explore creativity techniques and learn how to come up with innovative ideas quickly – in the Silicon Economy ideation workshop. The platform economy of the future – the Silicon Economy – will paint a completely new picture. How can the future of my company be shaped in this context?

The session is offered in cooperation with Silicon Economy Logistics Ecosystems.

Agenda Day I

10:30 Welcome & Keynote

11:00 Pitches: Each Focus Session will be presented in 5 minutes.

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Getting Things Done! Focus Sessions: Introduction

1:30 Bio Break

1: 45 Focus Session Part I

End ~ 2:30 – 3:00 pm

6:00 Get-together

Agenda Day II

10:00 Focus Session Part II

11:00 Coffee Break & Networking

11:15 Focus Session Part III

12:30 Lunch

1:00 Focus Session Part IV

2:15 Coffee Break

2:30 Presentation of the Results

3:30 Conclusion


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The individual sessions will be presented in pitches at the start of the event. You then decide which session you would like to attend. However, we would be pleased to receive a brief assessment of your interest in advance. Please choose one. 

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