There are many prejudices, misreports and misunderstandings when it comes to the topic of blockchain. The technology offers enormous potential. So that everyone can benefit from it and the technology and its possibilities become more tangible, we clear up the prejudices.

Today No. 1

Blockchain? That’s Bitcoin!

Blockchain is a technology and BitCoin is just an application. Meaning, Blockchain is much more than the Bitcoin. Blockchain is a basic technology on which many different systems can be built, digital currencies are just one example, even though they illustrate the potential of the technology very well.

For example, blockchain technology can provide transparency, traceability and data integrity in healthcare, identity management, insurance, food, timber, ticketing and of course logistics and supply chain management.

A blockchain is a distributed, public database. In the context of Bitcoin, this database is used to manage monetary transactions. However, personal data and authorizations or digital documents can just as easily be managed in the blockchain by means of digital identities. The focus of the technology is therefore less on financial transactions and more on verified, authorized and tamper-proof transactions of different data.