If companies want to use the new blockchain technology today, it must be integrated into many, perhaps all, existing IT systems. In this context, the authors of the new whitepaper with the title »A Multi-Light-Node Blockchain Architecture« suggest an architecture made up of several blockchains with a limited number of full nodes and multiple light clients which aims to keep costs low and security levels high.

The »Blockchain Europe« whitepaper, one of the two most important innovation projects within the Silicon Economy, is published in the »Future Challenges in Logistics and Supply Chain Management« series by Fraunhofer IML. The series addresses current challenges, highlights trends and focuses on novel technologies and business models.

In their 32-page paper in English, the authors Dominik Sparer, Max Günther and Christofer Heyer, all employees at Fraunhofer IML, show how several different companies can work together with the architecture as described using blockchain technology, e.g. in logistics processes. The whitepaper sees itself as a starting point for managers, system architects and people who work on implementation who want to design their own architecture for their specific business requirements.

You can download the whitepaper (PDF, English, 4.4 MB) here.